Types of Honey

Since bees suck so many types of plants (nectar) in their life time before they can start coloration they give after production depends on the type of the plant they sucked. Also, honey bees visit about 60-110 flowers during collection trips. A good example is that the ones that suck from orange tree will produce clear honey while the ones that such from the cashew tree will produce very dark honey likewise aroma, taste, flavors, color and consistencies.

Honey types and blend

There are about 35 different types from all over the globe. Light honey crystallizes swiftly. Very dark honey is sometimes used in sauces and aids digestion. Amber colored honey has sweet taste and great for herbal treatments. Honey from Sage plants produce very light, nearly water-white, honey. It has a very sweet flavor. Turkish honey or MAD Honey is very deadly. Stay away from it. This honey is known for containing highly poisonous toxin. “This dark redish-coloured honey contains a natural neurotoxin that even in small doses can bring on lightheadedness and even hallucinations.” “In the early 1700s, this honey was traded with Europeans who mixed it with alcohol for an indistinguishable “buzz.” Too much of the honey can cause low blood pressure, numbness, fainting, seizures and even death.” From The Alternative Daily.

Filtered Honey

Honey that was filtered for removal of particles without removing pollen before packaging.Ultra-filtered honey: All particles and advantageous pollen are removed and the honey is super clean. This honey will have long storage time. Most ultra-filtered honey have sugar added. Be very careful of this type of honey.

Crystallization/Pasteurized honey

Pasteurized honey is heated to prevent crystallization, itsuprightness to end-users who have no believe that it is authentic when crystalized and shelf long storage time. No one should worry about crystallization of honey over a period of time, it is a very good sign that the honey is authentic (raw). If you want to re-liquefy, softly heat the crystallized honey keg in warm water until it becomes liquid again. Some honey will not crystallize since they have very low glucose level. Sunflower and Sage are very good examples just to mention a few. When honey is heated above a high temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, most of its advantageous properties gone. Naturally crystallized honey retains most of its glucose in crystallized state.

Cream honey

This is produced by blending about 10 parts of liquid honey with a fraction part of grated honey. The mixture is stored until it becomes solid.

Liquid honey

Honey flows out of its comb through extractions. This is how liquid honey is made.

Comb Honey

Comb honey is made out of beeswax. It is a natural warehouse chamber for honey formed by honey bees which is produced from nectar.

How to know authentic honey

There are many ways to ascertain pure honey but at Kenny & May’s, the best methods are through its aroma, finishing residue on top and lab testing.Many departmental stores are filled with fake honey with sugar cane, corn syrup, cooked bark of a certain tree species. Common tests are: poring a little in water to know if it will dissolve. If honey dissolves in water, it is adulterated but there is a way by which fake honey remains undissolved in water.Also, you can do flame test by lighting it with fire. It will not burn if water has been added. Place a cotton wick in a dollop of the honey and apply fire. If the honey is pure, it will not burn.

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