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This is otherwise known as bee glue. This product of bees from bee hives is use to join the combs to the side and top of hives. This method closes cracks in the hive and word off intruders. This is suffice to say that if there is no crack in the wall, lizard cannot find its way in. This substance is made up of a joining of plant resins, balm, hive debris, beeswax and pollen. The sticky residue of this substance has been used as medicine from time immemorial mostly on wounds, and for ailment such as itching, osteoporosis, cancer, acne and tuberculosis. In this modern time, it is used to produce chewing gum, paper glue, ointment and cream. It may be used as dental sealant and tooth enamel hardener. Researches are going on in various pharmaceutical firms on how to use propolis in treatment of inflammatory situations, dental pains, wounds, treatment of burns, and infections of various types.
Brood: The progeny of honey can be very lucrative. Breeding of a family of worker bees and bee queens can yield substantial amount of money. Worker bees are sold in packages of pounds of thousands of bees. Bee queens yield much more liquid because of their specific genetic origin or because of their peculiar attributes. Beekeepers use bee queens for regeneration of current colonies where original queens may have died, vamoosed, or sick.

Bee toxin (venom)

Bee venom can be a source of advantageous therapeutic compounds according to some scientists. Although, no one likes to be stunned by a bee but its toxin contains proteins and peptides. These medicines that are derived from toxin of bees, snakes and scorpions may have advantages in curing a wide range of diseases. “Honey consumption (as compared to refined sugar or (HFCS) leads directly to the formation of liver glycogen, thus stabilizing blood sugar levels. Honey thereby reduces metabolic stress and improves fat metabolism and disposal, thus combating two of the key parameters of the metabolic syndrome, Type 2 Diabetics and obesity.” –Dr. Ron Fessenden, The Honey Revolution from The Alternative Daily.
HONEY – Organic Healing Food, a natural gift!

Honey and vinegar when mixed together are good for healing pain. Honey and water are natural remedies for thirst. Honey can cure fever when mixed with water and other substances. Religions and spiritualties of the worldmentioned the value of honey. The Bible says that Israel, “land flowing with milk and honey.” It is written in the Old Testament that, “John the Baptist survived on locusts and honey, and God nourished Jacob with honey from the rock and provided Israel with fine flour, olive oil and honey”. The Holly Book of Qur’an mentions that honey is “healing for humankind.” It is written in Ifa Oracle that, “No one licks honey and spit it away”. Properties of Honey containscalcium, fructose, and various minerals including sodium chlorine, phosphate, magnesium and potassium. Proverb 24:13 in The Holley Bible says, “Eat honey, my child for it is good.
HONEY – Organic Healing Food, a natural gift!

“Honey is quite acidic. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria. It is also loaded with antioxidants. Of course, its exact proper- ties vary depending on the specific flora that was used to produce it, as well as its water content”. The Alternative Daily. If honey sucks cashew fruit, it will produce dark honey which gives the most valuable health benefits to human body.
HONEY – Organic Healing Food, a natural gift!

Naturopathy properties.

Honey is no doubt a healing gift from nature. It is alsovery rich in conventional medicine. Honey is very helpful to dry skin by allowing it to better retain moisture. It helps swiftly in healing wound. Hygroscopic property. When mixed with certain ingredients that are used in making bathing soap, it makes skin glow. It has the same value when mixed with materials for skin lotion.
Honey has a very strong antibacterial and wound-healing capabilities. The production of hydrogen peroxide is just one of the remarkable ways that honey helps to expunge bacteria and heal wounds. Antibacterial property.
Darker honey are better and generally contains more antioxidant properties than light colored. Both darker and light colored honey are still a very rich source of useful antioxidants. Antioxidants encourage new tissue growth. This, otherwise helps expedite healing of damaged tissue. It also helps skin appear smooth, younger and more elegant. Antioxidant property.

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