Our Vision

Vision Statement: To achieve a sustainable healthy living for general public and secure food production through natural means for longevity and natural medication out of Africa.

Our Mission:

To make sure that good health of our customers is our utmost concern through good conduct and convene credible health effects of fresh-organic food and farming and supply GMO free food to the public as we give them our utmost services.

Our Main Focuses

Providing healthy foods to our clients as natural medicine.
Staying up to date on latest food health news.
Updating our farmers with concerns of our customers and clients’ health and organic issues; one farmer at a time.
Peace of mind, good health and living longevity lives are concerns of everyone worldwide and since it is our mission to serve societies, we can help you attain that longevity whether it be for government, cooperative or personal purposes.


To supply Organic Ofada rice harvested without addictive, stones, and mixture of in-organic cheap rice locally here in Nigeria, and to South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Kenya, Angola, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada,and all over the world.
To make sure that our rich and GMO free Ofada brown or white rice maintains its colors and unique aroma with pleasant taste and nutrients with natural and balanced nutrition for your body.
To advance know-how about environmental advantages of organic food and farming through scientific and usage of modern technology.
To educate humans on benefits and health advantages of organic produce versus non organic.
To create strong awareness on ways and means of understanding health and environment advantages of organic food and farming through scientific research.


To engage and develop partnerships with organic farmers, research institutions, government agencies, restaurants, food vendors and healthy food advocates that are working for improvement and transformation of agricultural systems.
To enable consumers and our customers to avail themselves choices that will ameliorate their health, and the health of the environment environmental advantages of organic farming most especially, in African countries.
To elevate the capability and sustainability of Nigeria and West African countries agricultural systems and the health of their communities through education and outreach.
To perform as a Resource Center to the public, agriculture policy makers, farmers, scientists and industry on the science reinforcing sustainable farming and organic food.
To make strong and spread organic practices and commodities that lessen the application of toxic, synthetic chemicals and have lucid benefits to the environment and human health.

Why do business with us?

The treatment you receive from our modern health foods, will be as genuine as your healthy food desires!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We work diligently to eliminate chemicals through organic food produce in order to exceed your expectations!
Since 2011, we have constantly been researching and working on how to find solution to foods free of sands and stones in Nigeria with supports of numerous farmers while remaining in today’s GMOs free supply of foods.
Our expert competent farmers’ selection is reliable, direct and swift!
We welcome you with warm greeting that will be full of purchasing fun at our head office and on our website!

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