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Advantages Of Organic Foods

No Sewage Sludge – The use of sewage sludge is prohibited in organic farming.Microbial Balance – Beneficial microbes keep soil in balance, providing good nutrition to crops and keeping pathogens and microbes in check.Biodiversity – Creating a
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How to cook Ofada rice

How To Cook Ofada Rice

Step 1:  Pour desired size in a room temperature bowl of water. Rinse the rice very well. Repeat the rinse 3-4 times or until the water is clean. Step 2: While rinsing Ofada rise, pre- boil water on the stove to boiling point and poor
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Ofada Brown Rice Latest Price with Discount

Ofada Brown Rice Latest Price With Discount

Ofada Platinum 4 – 2017 (N500,000 +)Measurements:             50KG / 110.321 LBS N33,000.0025Kg/ 55.116 lbs.    N16,500.0012.5Kg/ 27.558 lbs. N8,250.006.25Kg/ 13.228 lbs. N4,100.003.125Kg/ 6.64 lbs.
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